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AI (Artificial Intelligence)

Artificial intelligence is one of the most impressive tech advancements of our times. The latest development of artificial intelligence has seen it applied across dozens of industries and sectors. From manufacturing and robotics to pharmaceuticals, supply chain management, and everyday AI software automation, it’s happening everywhere.

Artificial intelligence history and latest developments are rapidly streamlining the world of business with its automation and smart decision-making capabilities. Since its release, AI developments have been making waves across the globe. In 2021, its applications are only expected to become more plentiful.

Here are some of the latest artificial intelligence developments that you should know about.

1.Artificial Intelligence Trends in Robotics

2. Machine Learning for Nature Conservation

3. AI Advancements in Healthcare

4. AI Developments in the Automobile Sector

5. Computer Vision and Video Analysis Tech Artificial Intelligence Trends

6. AI Advancing Towards High-Level Human Functions

7. The Development of Robotic Assistants

8. Artificial Intelligence and Cybersecurity

9. AI Applications in Fintech

10. More Intelligent Smartphone Apps

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